"I have worked with Tara many times and have found her to be a true expert in what she does. The dedication she has for her trade is tireless, and her ability to connect with me personally is truly extraordinary. She always takes special care to focus on my needs and limitations, and has helped me physically and emotionally. Working with her is both a therapeutic and a memorable experience.  

She is a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend her!!"


"Since I have met you, you have been nothing but a positive and happy influence in my life. You make a great teacher with your calm voice and inspirational sharing. I enjoy coming to class every week. Since starting our sessions, I have found that handling every day tasks with a calm breath and an open mind is key. Sometimes I wish you could be there before I go to bed so we can do Yoga Nidra or 'yoga nap,' as it works every time. Your unique spirit lingers even after you're gone."

-Niki (teenage student)

"As a survivor of trauma in the past and in opening old wounds more recently, I find Tara's trauma informed yoga class is the ultimate gift I can give to myself. I look forward to that nurturing, gentle, and safe feeling that she creates each week. I feel like I’m taking good care of myself in her class, and taking powerful steps on my continued path of healing and self love. I can go back to the things that she has said and taught us, and use those tools to self soothe during the week. She offers wonderful reminders to be gentle with myself and love myself, and believe me I need those reminders. Tara reads beautiful poems and quotes in class and her guided meditations during Yoga Nidra are so beautiful that I find myself smiling and feeling lighter, safe, relaxed, empowered and just happier after class. My boundaries are much stronger after class because staying in that good headspace is so important to me. Sometimes just getting on the mat and turning off your mind can be a challenge, but Tara is a true healer, light worker, and gifted teacher, so carving out this space for myself has been easy and I look forward to her class each week. Her inner beauty and soul is a true gift to this world. This practice is gentle and loving, and I truly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a safe space where your heart can heal. Namaste."


"Tara is intuitive, warm, and passionate, and makes her students feel safe and cared for. She has an ability to see each person she meets, and make them feel important. She has a genuine commitment to her yoga journey, and it makes her teaching authentic and constantly evolving. With her deep knowledge she's a great teacher for any student! I admire her work and contributions to each community she’s in, and it’s amazing to see her in action!”


 “As a member of the LGBTQA community, I've never felt more comfortable than with Tara Sanders in her yoga practice. My first time taking her class I was immediately comfortable and cared for. She has the ability to make the environment safe and inclusive for all. In her class I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the lifestyle, physical, and spiritual aspects of yoga, which was both mentally and physically healing. Since taking Tara’s class, my confidence has grown and I’ve gained an entire new perspective on the importance of meditation, breathing, and connecting with my body.”